Monday, 30 November 2009

big knit in bits

it was really sad to arrive at the launch party for the big knit only to discover it had been shredded to bits by vandals. why would someone to do this?

the dance extravaganza went ahead anyway and dozens of legwarmer clad people danced across the bridge (in the rain) to "oh what a feeling".

before and after.

weeks and weeks of work went into assembling the panels.

Monday, 23 November 2009

mish-mash cards

in order to improve something, sometimes you need to cut it into little bits and stick it back together in a new way. that's exactly how mish-mash cards are created. i've rescued a bunch of obsolete greeting cards and remixed them. the collaged images and words come together in a visually poetic way.

in my shop now

Thursday, 19 November 2009

my creative space...

today in my creative space, i'm busily compiling more shmishmas postcards.

thanks to everyone for the positive response yesterday, you made me dizzy with happiness. you see, in a past life these images got rejected by a gallery so it's terrific that they finally found their calling and an audience.

more creative spaces over at kootoyou

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

introducing shmishmas cards.

shmishmas cards give a playful and slightly anarchic twist to the tired old christmas card format.

they're handmade postcards with images of abandoned christmas trees i've spotted in and around  melbourne's streets and laneways. i've machine sewn the photographs directly onto card for a tactile and low-tech feel.

i've been photographing these discarded christmas trees for a few years now. it's a rather odd cultural phenomenon and i'm pleased i've finally thought of an application for my catalogue of dead tree images. if you're interested you can purchase them via my website or visit my stall at rose street artist markets on sundays.

* the yarra city council encourages local residents to register their unwanted christmas trees for collection, so the trees can be mulched and provide life-support to the city’s parks during Summer. Details here.

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