Monday, 25 May 2009

midnight believers

i've been enjoying hearing snippets from the new aleks and the ramps album on the radio and here too. be warned that they've prearranged for a voodoo curse to be placed on anyone using the word "quirky" in relation to their music.

i would say their music sounds a lot like how their poster looks.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

new market

the first sonny & coco market is happening this sunday at preston town hall from 10am- 4pm. here's who you'll find there.

i'll be bringing the regular stuff and some new things too.

my overlocker is broke so i can't make any more of the blanket-y hot water bottle covers (with the roll over necks) in time for the market.

however, i have made some of these cuddlies...

they're lined with wool on the inside to keep you warm for longer and have velvety soft corduroy on the back.

they open at the back like this for refills.. the zip is protected with a fold over tab.

i've dug deep into my collection and assembled a range of patchwork cushion covers using a mix of old and new including: wool blankets, vintage bed spreads, upholstery fabric, gingham, corduroy, terry toweling ..

warm colours...

warm and coool...

all colours.


penny walker-keefe at her terrific exhibition, heirloom on at brunswick arts space until this saturday. this blurb from frankie magazine describes penny's work better than i can.

penny and sarah in front of "the wall is greater than the sum of its parts"

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

last week

i did some op shopping....

i was so lucky to find this fab reference book- it tells me everything i ever wanted to know about dressmaking.

it has great diagrams.

it gets added to the cherished stack, which is steadily growing.

some juicy knits.

they spelled Gucci wrong!

this too.

i did some making.......

i'm working on a patchwork hot water bottle design.

progress has been hampered by my disagreeable overlocker- we never get along.

twiggy's worried about being replaced.

i made some cushion covers to send to mum.

i tidied...

i fixed this mess.

and this.

Monday, 4 May 2009

done, doing, will do

hooray, my account was finally stimulated*. my shopping list includes: circ du soleil tickets, new shoes, mechanical attention for my neglected postie bike, bills and rego.

on saturday i enjoyed making this patchwork furoshiki to wrap a friend's present in. I followed mairuru's tutorial, found via three buttons. A bit of a rush job- finished at the 11th hour.

i'm collecting crotchet pieces to cobble together a curtain for the kitchen window. The idea is to conceal the ugly view without blocking the light.

* i think they're going by postcode because after a long wait everyone in my house got the $ on the same day.

Friday, 1 May 2009

op shop fix

for a while, i thought i'd be leaving empty handed, until i chanced across- tall small hairy scary; the zoo in poetry and pictures, which is possibly my favourite find ever. The georgeous illustrations are by olindo giacomini, whom i'm not familiar with but who reminds me of m. Sasek. i wouldn't be surprised if this book inspired the dreamworks animation, madagascar.

I also found a sweet book called meet the woodland folk which is full of lovely characters. My final find was the golden circle tropical recipe book. This is full of terrific 60's copy, archaic food stylings and many suggestions on how to incorporate tin pineapple into imaginative family meals.
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