Wednesday, 15 July 2009

struck gold

i couldn't believe my luck recently when i wandered into an adelaide op shop and found this beauty. it goes to show, channel what you need and you're likely to find it.

it's a vintage cast iron grill pan with a gorgeous wooden handle and has barely been used (the original sticker is intact).

i also picked up this 70s kids cook book.

and this happy, 70's orange and yellow stoneware tea set .


CurlyPops said...

Those kids look a bit scary - she reminds me of chucky!

myf said...

haha yeah i see the resemblance.

Raquel said...

Myf - this frypan is incredible!
nice find.


Gina said...

Oh I'm loving those cups.

Juddie said...

Oh, fabulous! Well done!

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