Tuesday, 14 July 2009

just sharing

i don't know where it came from but i got this urge that i would like to become a teacher... perhaps a secondary art teacher or maybe photography or multimedia... the thought of doing a one year teaching diploma doesn't sound too daunting... on the other hand being afraid of teenagers may work against me. it might just be another of my passing whims, we'll see.

photo credit: cjohnson


Gina said...

Oh, go on. Good teachers are hard to come by. Anyone who has an inclination towards teaching is probably gifted at it. I'd hate to teach. Anything.

Tinniegirl said...

I had a tarot reading done recently and was told I'm supposed to work with 'troubled' young people. It scared the pants off me. The irony is that's where my working life started and I've spent the last 5 years heading away from that direction, only to be told to turn back around!

See you at Uni!

Christina Lowry said...

My sister is a high school art teacher. She is studying her Masters at the moment too and hopefully her PHD next year, so no more high school teaching. There aren't many really good teachers, but also teachers are not respected or paid properly for all the hours they do. Especially in Queensland, where teachers aren't paid as much as in other states. (And when they striked because they wanted equal pay they were told they could have it bit by bit over so many years, meanwhile the other states pays would be increasing too... so they still wouldn't be equal!)

I know my sister has moments of loving it and moments of swearing she will never have children!

Tania said...

Can well appreciate the teen terror. Particularly since I have a seven year old exhibiting suspicious teen-like eye rolling and silent treatments. I should have been on to it sooner. When she was three and I asked her to finish her yoghurt she said emphatically: "It's my life." Best of luck with the leap of faith?!?!

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