Wednesday, 8 July 2009

purging my childhood

the main purpose of my recent trip to adelaide, was to do a stocktake of remnants from my childhood and youth. these boxes of things were taking up valuable real-estate inside my mum's garage and it was time to discard a lot of it. digging through the layers was exciting but rather exhausting. i excavated all kinds of forgotten treasures and so many memories flooded back. while it was sad to let go of some things, overall it was quite liberating to be free of all that stuff. i kept the really precious things and am glad that other things will find new homes.

some of the curios i found...

felt organs left over from a rouge art school project

all the gang

someone has written all over the covers of these magazines in a foreign language. i found them and hoped to one day discover the story behind it...

1 comment:

Penny said...

Those would make a cool art thing.

You HAVE to hang on to those old friends, I hope you did. If they need a place to stay, they can join my old friends at my other house :)

Yay MYF!

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