Friday, 5 June 2009

great big squiddy fun- a baterz tribute

years ago on a visit to adelaide i was driving around listening to three d radio when to my extreme delight "spidermother", my favourite batters song came on- an offbeat ballad about a mother's unfortunate arachnid condition. i happily reminisced about the days when batters was a regular at the exeter hotel, until the track was back announced with the announcer mentioning what a tragedy it is that batters is.... dead. after i overcame my shock, i consulted google to glean more information about this tragedy but found nothing.

it remained a mystery until today when i heard of the release of "great big squiddy fun- a baterz tribute". It features 33 tracks covered by musicians who knew baterz (including tex perkins) and comes with an extra lp "baterz for beginners".

furthermore, i learned how to correctly spell "baterz" enabling me to finally google him.
here i discovered that sadly he died in 2002 at age 33,
i enjoyed watching footage of his gigs here on u tube
as well as some baterz covers here
and listened to baterz tracks here on his myspace page.
ahh now i know where to go for my baterz fix now.

1 comment:

Claire said...

Oh gosh.. I had no idea - I used to love the Bedridden! Sad, but a great obituary.

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