Tuesday, 2 June 2009

DIY business cards

why is designing your own business card so unfathomably hard? i find myself sweating over inconsequential details and can't settle on a design. what if i get it 1000's printed and find i tire of it... or i change my details...?

luckily i've found a solution: short runs of handmade cards. you can change the design as often as your mood and each one is a mini, ephemeral artwork.
you'd think it would be quite tedious but actually the process is really enjoyable and liberating.

i find it helps to work within limitations otherwise the possibilities can be oh so overwhelming.
i give myself the following criteria:
- choose the materials first
- make use of discarded materials (see, that's why you shouldn't throw anything out, you might need it later)
- must be quick to assemble
- keep it simple
go for it!

for this latest batch of cards i used my favourite materials: unbleached paper and recycled envelopes. i've had a really long love affair with the nonchalant patterns found inside envelopes.


CurlyPops said...

Love those! They are fabulous.

JasperBoy said...

I picked up one of your business cards at Sonny & Coco and I must admit I did think, this is too beautiful to discard (yes, I've kept it). So definitely artwork.

I didn't buy anything, but have been thinking/dreaming of your goodies ever since.

Where is your next market......please!

Jen in Melbourne

myf said...

thank you so much for the encouragement Cam and Jen

next markets:
june 13th at rose street artist market
july 11th at craft hatch (city library,flinders lane)
august 1st at the sisters' market

rabbit and the duck said...

I love your business cards! I am a huge fan of handmade cards (I make all my own too), it does take a bit of extra time but I think it's totally worth it to have something a bit different and individual.

Muhammad Ashfaq said...

elegent.it does take extra time but its totally worth it to have something a bit different and individual.

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Haseeb said...

I like your cards but it is so so simple . nice blog!

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designpoint said...

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anoop gupta said...

Its quite simple, but looks cool. I love your business card.

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