Tuesday, 12 May 2009

last week

i did some op shopping....

i was so lucky to find this fab reference book- it tells me everything i ever wanted to know about dressmaking.

it has great diagrams.

it gets added to the cherished stack, which is steadily growing.

some juicy knits.

they spelled Gucci wrong!

this too.

i did some making.......

i'm working on a patchwork hot water bottle design.

progress has been hampered by my disagreeable overlocker- we never get along.

twiggy's worried about being replaced.

i made some cushion covers to send to mum.

i tidied...

i fixed this mess.

and this.


MildlyCrafty said...

My cat has just discovered that chewing boxes is fun, but he hasn't done that much damage!

myf said...

i'm so greatful she's thoughful enough not to destruct anything of importance.

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