Sunday, 5 April 2009

making things better by tearing them apart

i enjoyed this lazy sunday sight:

i ate lentil soup.
i learned you can make things better by pulling them apart.
i saw this tutorial by outsapop, posted on cut out +keep, and had to have a go.

here's my go at it. most of my attempts at dressmaking end in disaster, but i'm pleased with this result. i discovered wool is amazingly forgiving.

I've collected a big bag of out-of-commission woolens- some of them are real 80's shockers. I'm planning to refashion them into my winter wardrobe and yet I feel tentative about cutting into them for fear of ruining them in vein. i'm the same about cutting up books too, because somehow it feels like a violation. i guess sometimes you do have to pull things apart in order to make them better.

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